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Netvibes dashboards automatically categorize your data so that you can drill down using a variety of facets, including: names, events, sentiment, geolocation and more. Today we are taking automatic categorization even further with the launch of our new Theme Recognition for Premium dashboards. With Theme Recognition, your dashboard can now identify a wide variety of topics and themes to help you better pinpoint data trends and understand what’s happening in your industry or business.

Netvibes Theme Recognition is powered by DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight, a crowdsourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia. This means that anything that has a Wikipedia entry–topics, brands, product names, theories, concepts, etc.–are now automatically recognized as a “Theme” and can be analyzed on the Netvibes dashboard.

Benefits of Netvibes Theme Recognition:

  • Smarter insights help you get more actionable intelligence out of your data.
  • Always up to date and encyclopedic: Theme Recognition is powered by Wikipedia, the world’s largest and continually updated encyclopedia.
  • More accurate with disambiguation: Using rich profiling from Wikipedia means a higher degree of accuracy for identifying themes–for example, detecting the difference between Apple (the brand) and apple (the fruit).
  • Crowdsourced ontology: Benefit from the continued efforts of the open-source community to better categorize themes and concepts online through DBpedia. Using this crowdsourced ontology will open doors to even more filtering and improved Theme Recognition as the technology evolves.
  • International-ready: All languages supported by Wikipedia are also supported by Netvibes Theme Recognition.
  • Independence: Wikipedia, DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight are all open source.

Here’s how Theme Recognition works.

On Netvibes, Themes are another type of facet you can use to analyze your data for deeper, smarter insights. For this walkthrough, let’s say we want to analyze what the Top 100 Tech media publications are writing about this week.


  1. Add a Library to your dashboard

First, we add the “Top 100 Tech Press” Library to the dashboard because this is the Personal Corpus of sources that we want to analyze.


  1. Start to analyze your newly created library

Open Universal Search and use the “library:” search operator. Any article found in this tech corpus will be automatically reported.

Click on “See all, refine & analyze” to reveal faceted exploration.

  1. Automatically identify Themes

By analyzing our Library of sources (Top 100 Tech), Netvibes automatically recognizes the top Themes mentioned in these publications.

  1. Analyze

The Top Themes now appear as a new chart on the dashboard. Let’s say we want to analyze the changing messaging between today, yesterday and the day before.

As we can see, “iPhone” was the top-mentioned Theme for all three days.

  1. Drill down further

Let’s drill down into the iPhone Theme to see what insights we can discover about what tech media is writing about. By clicking on the Theme “iPhone,” we now see the list of top Themes mentioned around that topic.

What we see here is a list of Themes that help us to better understand what the majority of Top 100 Tech media coverage around “iPhone” was talking about this week.

Through Dashboard Intelligence, and without reading a single article, we have discovered these insights:

  • iPhone is the hot topic this week in Tech Media.
  • More specifically, the articles are talking about:
    • Inductive charging
    • Facial recognition system
    • Augmented reality
    • 4K resolution

Theme Recognition delivers deeper analysis into trends and topics so you can uncover the insights you need to drive better decision-making for your business.

Theme Recognition is currently in beta and is available on any Premium dashboards. Want to try it?

 Ask a Premium demo

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