Interact with your prospects with Netvibes Social Selling capabilities

Leverage a dispersed sales team: Get personal, add value, nurture over time your prospect base

Only Netvibes offers:

  • Monitor your prospects to identify social leads
    via Tracked Topics and Social Analytics apps

  • Provide recommended content automatically for your salesforce to share socially
    via Tracked Topics, Smarttagging, Push Publishing .
  • Automatically distribute based on profiles
    via Tab Tagging, Pushmails and Potions
  • Link your team’s social outreach with internal KPIs to measure ROI
    via MisoData & Drag to Compare

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Key benefits:

  • Speak with one voice, spread the knowledge
    Leverage a dispersed sales team to create a strong, unified brand image. Show that they are likeable, knowledgeable, experts in their field
  • Save-time and reduce errors with Ad-hoc and Automated publishing
    Share based on source, geo, author or keyword. Never miss a post.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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