Social Selling: Share Links and Track Engagement Rates

Social Selling is the process of using social media to engage with prospects and build relationships that later lead to sales, partnerships and other favorable outcomes.

Netvibes dashboards can help you to execute and analyze your Social Selling initiatives in order to successfully reach your business goals. Share a link through Netvibes and analyze successful publications, effective social networks and how often content is clicked (among other metrics). By better understanding your social reach, you can improve your sales and content marketing strategies and reach target audiences more effectively.

Measure Social Selling

Whenever you share a link from your Netvibes dashboard, whether directly or via Potion, the dashboard will automatically create a unique tracking URL for your link (example: Netvibes will measure the link’s engagement metrics so you can better understand which publication work the best, where it’s being shared, which topics attract the most interest, and more.

By tracking Social Selling URLs through Netvibes, you can easily answer questions like:

  • Which users generated the most clicks?
  • How many links did each user share?
  • Which users shared the most links?
  • How many times did the users share to each platform?
  • How many clicks did all links generated by a user receive?
  • How many clicks did links generated by a user and shared to Twitter receive?
  • Which links generated the most clicks? 

Improve Social Selling

In addition to analyzing the results of your Social Selling initiatives, Netvibes Dashboards can help you to successfully drive those efforts forward by identifying critical topics and content to share across your social channels.

Use Netvibes to:

  • Monitor your prospects to identify social leads

With Netvibes’ Tracked Topics and Social Analytics apps, you can automatically track customers, prospects and leads. Get an instant alert when a high-priority prospect tweets certain keywords, such as “need recommendations” or “looking for a solution.”

  • Provide recommended content automatically for your salesforce to share socially

Tracked Topics automatically aggregate all the content published around a particular topic, so salespeople always have a wealth of fresh and relevant social content ready to share. Becoming more active on social media and sharing helpful content is a great way to increase visibility and build your reputation as an industry thought leader. You will be the first person whom your contacts think of when they are ready to buy.

  • Automatically distribute content

With SmartTagging, your team can identify important articles and other content to share via Social Selling. You can then program a Potion to automatically distribute this information. For example: when someone SmartTags an article as “for Social Selling,” then automatically share the link on our corporate Facebook page and email the link to all salespeople.

  • Link your team’s social outreach with internal KPIs to measure ROI

Only Netvibes with Misodata enables you to analyze your own internal data alongside social data in order to calculate ROI using the metrics that truly matter to your business. Do increased social mentions impact your sales numbers? Simply drag-and-drop the two charts together (social mentions + sales revenue)  to instantly “Drag to Compare.”

Key benefits:

  • Speak with one voice, spread the knowledge, and build a reputation as an industry thought-leader.
  • Leverage a dispersed sales team to create a strong, unified brand image. Demonstrate that your salespeople are likeable, knowledgeable, experts in their field.
  • Save time while increasing social reach with Automated publishing.
  • Measure results and analyze campaigns to continually improve your Social Selling efforts.

Social Selling URL tracking is available by request for Netvibes Premium dashboards only.

Start measuring now

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