Why is Social Listening important?

There’s an overwhelming amount of social media noise and data out there. It’s hard to separate the signal from the noise.

Discover why companies should invest in technology such as Netvibes so they can actively listen.

Would you like to set up a quick call with us to learn about Social Media Listening and Analysis with Netvibes. Find how it can be applied to do important things – just to name a few:

– Understand real conversations, real people, and what they want

– Uncover conversations that indicate intent to purchase

– Measure social impact and correlate with business KPIs

– Keep an ear out for discontent with competitors

– Uncover conversations about brand, industry, products and respond in real time

– Demonstrate Marketing Campaign ROI

– Leveraged topic insights to improve SEO and PPC

Listening insights can have implications for multiple stakeholders, and each department within a company has unique needs and therefore distinct listening objectives.

We would like to offer our assistance in helping you develop your own unique listening objectives and run a test. Interested?

We’ve been enhancing Netvibes for 11 years and helped thousands of organizations gain control of their analysis and decision making with Netvibes.

Let’s talk

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