Keep track of your brand, product or competitors’ social presence

Transform the intangible social chatter into tangible trends, expert knowledge, and automated business actions

Only Netvibes offers:

  • Content Segmentation via Shared Libraries
    Reading and analytics per region/country, per focus. Sharable and always up to date

  • Social Impacts and Correlations via MisoData
    Visualize and understand why trends are happening.
  • Corporate Discipline Automation via Potions
    Automate decision making to align behaviors everywhere, in all languages, 24/7.
  • Trend Tracing Triggering via Potions
    Act upon trends happening over time

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Key benefits:

  • Measure social impact
    Go beyond counting mentions, visualize how social trends impact your business
  • Competitive Intelligence
    Discover how you compare to your competition and how you can take advantage of their weaknesses
  • Corporate decision automation
    Set and spread corporate decision making across your organisation with 24/7 actions, event based on data trends
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