Sneak preview of the new MisoData with Data Staging

In order to provide you with a streamlined way to compare and analyze both your own data and the data aggregated by your Dashboard, we are about to launch a completely revamped version of MisoData, Netvibes’ powerful data analytics app. Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming changes:

The new MisoData enables you to connect your own data to your Premium dashboard in order to compare and analyze all the metrics that matter to your business in one app. Explore how social trends impact your internal company goals. Drag-and-drop charts together to instantly compare and identify correlations.

Harmonized user experience

A new wizard that delivers a unified experience to make it easier to add all types of content, analytics and automation to your dashboard. Whatever the data source, the wizard will provide same experience for creation and configuration

Data Staging

Construct a complete story around your data to better understand the underlying trends. With the new MisoData, you can now create complex graphs displaying all the analytics around a particular query–in one chart. We call it “Data Staging.” For example, rather than having one chart analyzing “What is being said about Wearables?”, a separate chart showing “Who is talking about Wearables?”, and a third chart for “My Company’s revenues from Wearables”, you can now combine those analytics into one complete chart about Wearables, delivering an all-in-one view into everything that’s happening—in this case, how social influencers online are impacting company revenues.

Let’s explore how it works.

In this walkthrough, we want to determine whether mentions of “3D Printing” online are impacting our company revenues. We also want to understand the larger trend around “3D Printing”: who are the top influencers, where are they talking about it, and are mentions trending up or down?

  1. Select analytic’s ingredient

Under the “Analyze” app menu, there are different ingredients to choose.

We want to upload our company sales numbers, so let’s click “CSV/XLS or Excel Data”.

  1. Stage your data

Because we want to understand the correlation between two datasets–company revenue numbers and online mentions of “3D Printing”–we need to add the second dataset to our MisoData chart. Click “Add another ingredient to compare.”

Click “Social Analytics” and add a chart analyzing the number of online mentions of “3D Printing.”

Click Next to start defining the layout.

Drag-and-drop selected datasets into the box. The wizard  automatically formats the charts together into one master chart, and you can easily change the order and layout.

We also want to track, in one Data-Staging chart, other metrics around “3D Printing” mentions.

We add charts to analyze:

  • Who are the top influencers around “3D Printing” online?
  • What are the domains where “3D Printing” is most often discussed?
  1. Voila! Data-Staging charts

Your new Data-Staging chart now appears on your dashboard. Click “Edit” to change the analytics. You can fully customize the colors, branding, look and layout of the charts. Data-Staging charts continually update using live data, and they can be shared with other dashboards so that your entire team can see all the important analytics around a topic, in one view. Data-Staging charts can also be distributed via email using Netvibes Pushmail.

  1. Drill down into the data

From your MisoData chart, you can drill down further into the data using multiple facets.  There are a number of available facets we can use to drill down. Using any of the drill-down facets, enabling you to better understand the data trends that impact your business.

Some examples:

  • Quantitative metrics:
    • Expressions
    • Author
    • Media
    • Organization
    • Event
    • People
    • Location
    • Category
    • Hashtag
    • Language
    • Domains
    • Tagcloud
    • Geolocalization
    • Twitter- author
    • Twitter – type
    • Twitter – retweeter
    • Twitter – in reply to
  • Time metrics:
    • Date
    • Neutral tone
    • Positive tone
    • Negative tone

MisoData with Data Staging will be included with all Netvibes Premium dashboards. To learn more, please contact us. Discover how Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence can help your company drive better, faster decision-making, based on data insights.  

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