Introducing Netvibes PushWeb: Publish news and insights on your custom webpage

With the new PushWeb, you can keep target audiences informed about what’s happening in your business or industry by automatically publishing charts, articles and other content to a private or public webpage. PushWeb is available for Premium dashboards only.

Using Netvibes Potions, you can program your dashboard to act automatically in response to events or data triggers. You choose the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place—for example:

  • When a new article mentions MyBrand, publish the link on Twitter and Facebook
  • When web traffic increases for 3 weeks in a row, send a PushMail email report to the team

Today we’re launching a new ingredient for Potions to help you better share information with a targeted audience or the world at large. With Netvibes’ new PushWeb, you can automatically publish articles, analytic charts and other content directly to a custom webpage online.

A PushWeb is a curated collection of apps from your dashboard that is displayed in an organized way, along with personal insights, meant to share information with a specific audience. It’s similar to PushMail, but instead of sending an email report, the information is published directly to a custom webpage, which can be publicly available or restricted by a password, paywall or registration page. For example, you might want to use PushWeb to publish mandated regulatory information, share quarterly results with investors, or publish industry-related insights to drive lead acquisition. PushWebs are fully customizable to help you achieve any goal.


Benefits of PushWeb

    • Share information automatically: Because PushWebs and PushMails are triggered by Netvibes Potions, you can share insights automatically in response to any Trigger. You can publish on a regular schedule (daily/weekly/monthly) or publish on-the-fly in response to certain events (when this happens) or based on data trends (when this chart exceeds X value).
    • Mobile-friendly: PushWeb’s adaptive layout automatically adjusts to create the best-looking display for any screen, including mobile.
    • SEO-ready: PushWebs support search-engine crawlers like Google, thereby boosting your SEO and driving more traffic to your website.

Here you can see 6 example PushWebs, analyzing the top themes mentioned around 6 tech topics. This analysis is part of the Netvibes-Bpifrance project, in which we are analyzing top technology-related topics in the USA and France; you can read the case study here.


PushWeb Examples:

  1. AI (artificial intelligence)

  1. IoT (Internet of Things)

  1. Transportation

  1. Drones

  1. SmartCity

  1. Security

To learn more about PushWeb and explore how Netvibes can help your business succeed using real-time insights, please contact us.


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