Digital solutions : a must-have for event communication

When you organize and participate in numerous fairs and conventions on a regular basis, you know that these are key moments for your communications strategy, including prep and post-event time periods.

Digital transformation has become more than a reality but you and your teams probably still need answers to the biggest questions you have in order to confirm your decisions and greatly increase the impact of your actions.


  • How to maximise the value of our event?
  • What were the « hot topics » around our latest events posted on the Internet/social media?
  • Who were the key influencers?
  • What was the ROI of our events?
  • How visible are our events?
  • How do we collect the contributions of the attendees?

Healthinnov is an innovation consultancy in Health and Business Intelligence. Together through a partnership with Netvibes, we have created a service for healthcare organizations that delivers quantitative and qualitative responses to the biggest questions companies ask about markets, brands and topics, including monitoring events (for social impact, key topics, speakers, sponsors and more).

For more information and tips on how to monitor your events and increase engagement using Dashboard Intelligence, contact Netvibes.

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