Discover the new Misodata: Available in private beta

Netvibes helps answer your biggest business questions by aggregating and analyzing data—from across the internet and within your organization—to deliver real-time insights that drive better decision-making. Unique to Netvibes is Misodata, which enables you to connect your own data to your Premium dashboard, so you can compare and analyze all the metrics that matter to your business in one app.

Earlier this quarter, we gave you a preview of the newly revamped Misodata. Today we are excited to announce that the new Misodata is now available on the dashboard, by request as a private beta for our Premium customers. Contact us to learn more.

What’s new in Misodata

  • New Wizard

The new Misodata features a new wizard, making it simple to add all types of content and analytics to your dashboard, from an all-in-one interface. Whether you are adding a feed, a social media query, data in the cloud, or uploading a local file, the new wizard delivers a harmonized user experience so you can customize the dashboard to focus on what matters to your business. For a step-by-step tutorial, please read the blog.

  • Data Staging charts

Rather than having multiple, single-focus charts, with the new MisoData you can now create complex graphs displaying all the analytics around a particular query; in other words, create multiple charts in one shareable graph. We call it “data staging.” Construct a complete story around your data to better understand the underlying trends.

Here’s an example: we want to know how often people are mentioning MyBrand online. Going beyond raw mentions, we also want to understand how those mentions are driving web traffic and ultimately impacting our sales.

In this chart, we see that mentions of MyBrand have spiked, starting on December 7 when we launched our new ad campaign. This is a great result, but it doesn’t tell us everything we want to know.


Where is the conversation about MyBrand happening online? In this chart, we see that Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, respectively, are the top 3 domains where the company is being talked about.

These two charts together tell an important story about what’s driving interest in the company. Using Netvibes Misodata, let’s combine them together into one Data Staging chart.


Brand mentions are great, but what we really care about is the company’s bottom line. Is the increased attention driving more web traffic to our website? This Data Staging chart compares brand mentions with web traffic, on the right. From this view, we can see that the increased brand mentions are not, in fact, impacting our regular pattern of web traffic.

What about company revenues? By adding in our sales numbers to this Data Staging chart, a clearer pattern emerges. The increased brand mentions have not impacted our website traffic much, but company revenues saw a clear boost during that period of time.

As with all Netvibes charts, Data Staging charts are shareable and continually updated to keep you apprised of what’s happening in your business. This complete graph stays updated on your live dashboard to help you monitor the impact of the new ad campaign. You can also share the latest version of the chart with team members, using Netvibes Pushmail. Want to know when one of the metrics changes? Set up a custom alert with a Netvibes Potion (e.g., When revenue trends upwards for 7 days in a row, then do this: text me and email me the team).

The new Misodata is available by request for Premium dashboards only, as a private beta. It will be generally available for all Premium dashboards at launch in 2018. Ready to try? Contact us to learn more.




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