Decide when you want insights to be delivered

In this data-driven age, we want to be able to access results on-demand. In the professional world, stakeholders don’t just want raw data; they want expert insights to cut through the noise. Instead of debating plans of action at monthly meetings, they want to make the best decisions based on real-time data.

Studies show that most companies and organizations are still relying on never-ending slides to report KPI results to their audiences on a weekly or monthly basis. Preparing these slides can be time-consuming and, unfortunately, the data may be outdated by the time the meeting actually takes place.

With Netvibes, you choose when and how you want insights to be delivered: via live dashboards, instant text alerts, weekly email reports, in-depth custom reports, automated actions and more.

Updated in real-time

By capturing a wide variety of information from across the internet, Netvibes has been crawling the web since 2005 and currently processes more than 20M new tailored articles every day from the most popular sites with adaptive crawling frequencies. Your Netvibes dashboard is always live and automatically updated with up-to-the-minute social media posts, industry news and social conversations to deliver actionable insights as soon as they’re spotted—keeping you ahead of the market.


Data Visualization simplified

With Netvibes, everyone is a data scientist! With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily chart and drill down into data, ask questions, find correlations, view side-by-side comparisons, pivot into other related themes, track trends and more. Using Netvibes, you can construct a complete story around your data to better understand what’s happening in your business or industry and why.

We’ve spoken with many organizations who have complained that traditional manual reporting and media monitoring can take up as much as 40% of billable hours. Too often, reports get lost in a busy inbox and aren’t read until the meeting at the end of the month–far too late to prove value or make adjustments.

Unlike any other solution, Netvibes can address multiple use cases such as:

With Netvibes, you can analyze data to find insights for yourself, or choose to let Netvibes do the heavy lifting for you and share insights automatically.

Want to learn more? Check out our Netvibes Insights or ask for a private demo.


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