Making the most of historical data to better understand trends

Whether you are analyzing your current business metrics or predicting market changes in the future, historical data provides valuable information to help you better understand trends over time.

Netvibes can store unlimited data and content in Premium dashboards, including an unlimited number of articles, tweets and posts, for any length of time. By capturing a wide variety of information from across the internet and analyzing historical data alongside internal company metrics, decision makers can uncover critical insights to help them succeed.

With Netvibes, you can get the full benefit of historical data thanks to three key components :



  • Unlimited memory: Select the data sources you trust to create your own Personal Corpus, then store all your data without limits. Read and analyze back in time. Save your business history and keep on learning from it.
  • Immutable analytics: Content may disappear online, but Netvibes analytics will not. Even if an article, tweet or website is deleted, Netvibes stores the data so you can re-crunch your information in the future, just as it appeared today.
  • Elastic visualization: As you add or remove content, your charts will automatically update. No matter how many sources or analytics you have in your dashboard, the results will always appear instantly, thanks to Netvibes’ elastic and scalable storage.

Three (3) rolling months of AutoSave is included free with all Netvibes Premium. As an add-on option, customers may also choose to keep their data for 12 months, 24 months or longer. Please contact us to learn about our AutoSave extension packages.


Trend-Tracing triggers

With Netvibes, you can create Potions based on historical data and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened. Instead of just triggering when something happens, Potions can analyze past data to identify current trends and predict the future. This means you can automate actions based on complex data patterns.


  • Achievement over time – Rather than tracking isolated metrics, businesses can act based on historical data and patterns over time.
  • Milestone forecasting – Watch key milestones with intersecting charts and value forecasting that help you predict trends and plan for contingencies.
  • Leadership changes – Businesses can track rankings for top brands, trends, influencers or any other metric on their dashboard and be alerted when leadership changes.
  • Radar movement – Analyze brand sentiment, know when competitors enter the radar, and compare media channels for Ad and PR campaigns.
  • Awareness evolution – Stay on top of trends to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate damage to your brand or business.

Shared Libraries

With Netvibes, you can build a corpus of sources shared over multiple dashboards. Libraries are customized lists of sources that are searchable, shareable and Potion-ready to help you track and analyze precisely what matters to your business. Now experts can share part or all of their corpuses, including articles.


  • Always up to date – Changes made by a Library publisher, such as adding or removing sources, are instantly made to all shared libraries, keeping all subscribers up to date. The library includes AutoSave retention, so if a Shared Library has 12 months’ worth of saved articles, the subscriber to that library will also share that complete history.
  • Unlimited in sources and articles – A Shared library is an app, which lists sources in the cloud. With zero loading time, apps are continually updated in real time.
  • Sharable with all users – While you need to be a Premium user to create and maintain a Library, ALL Netvibes users—free, VIP or Premium—can use shared Libraries.

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