What are the top trends of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018?

The 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, just ended. Let’s take a look at what happened during this new edition.


  • What are the top trends of World Economic Forum?


On Press, medias & blogs, “President of the United States” is the largest theme, which could be associated with the 2 other main themes: “United States dollar” & “Protectionism”. “Trump’s appearance in Davos had raised eyebrows among the political establishment. Trump campaigned on, and in office has often tried to implement, protectionist and isolationist economic policies”.


  • What are the top trends in tech?

Insights: “The annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, isn’t typically thought of as a tech conference. But technology has become one of the most prevalent themes at the globalist summit”.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain are the main tech topics of this year. “(…)”blockchain” appears more in the Davos program than the words “Europe” or “the United States.” In one session, a commenter who had analyzed conversations at Davos said the word “blockchain” was the second-most uttered theme, after the word “Trump”.


  • What are the top trends when women are associated to the WEF 2018 in Davos?

Insights “There was a recurring discussion amidst all the talk about world economies and the future impact of tech on society at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos: Inequality between men and women“.

Sexual harassment, Gender Equality or the Global Gender Gap Report are the main themes developed in Davos and especially by the Prime Minister of Canada.


  • What are the Top Personalities?


The most mentioned personality when women topics are associated with the WEF is Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. His share of articles among the most mentioned personalities is almost 71% (mainly because his tweets are highly retweeted). For example, the tweet in which he “challenged leaders of the world’s biggest corporations to hire more women and address sexual harassment” has been retweeted 2,1K times.

Many of the most mentioned women are co-chairs of the World Economic Forum, like Christine Lagarde, Fabiola Gianotti or Erna Solberg.

Orit Gadiesh, chairman of Bain & Company explains in a video that countries other than the United States, like Europe, should take a larger share of global economic power. She also criticizes the over-optimistic view of the health of the global economy and thinks “there should be a little more bail in terms of risks we are going through, not only because some of the growth we’re seeing is also catch-up growth, and it’s not last forever”.



  • What are the Top Hashtags Selection?


#women – Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society official Facebook account reminds that “#WEF18 had over 21% of participants and all 7 co-chairs who were #women”.

#WomensMarch – According to @USATODAY, 3,57M followers, “It could take at least 100 years to close the equality gap between men and women, according to the World Economic Forum” (…)”Gender parity is closest in areas of health and education, but major disparities exist in economics and politics.”.

#Metoo – “During World Economic Forum in Davos, every group of leaders’ agenda has “women” as a topic. Movements like #MeToo, and given the prospect of a record number of women running for office, women’s voices are being heard like never before”.


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