Netvibes analyzes tech trends for investment bank Bpifrance

France’s largest investment bank, Bpifrance has been working with Netvibes to analyze top tech trends, across Silicon Valley and France, in order to help inform smart investment decisions. Which technologies are growing fastest? Are they perceived by the public positively or negatively? What is being said online, both by the press and by influential venture capitalists?

On Wednesday, November 8, Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini presented the latest installment of the ongoing research project at a breakfast event in Paris. Netvibes’ presentation addressed six hot topics—Security, AI, SmartCity, Transportation, IoT and Drones—and analyzed the sentiment and overall outlook on both sides of the Atlantic.

To see the full presentation deck, please visit Here are some of the insights we discovered:

Netvibes tech insights

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI was one of the most popular topics, with red-hot excitement in both countries, while growing faster in France. Analysis indicated this may be due to the “Macron effect,” as France’s development as a Startup Nation accelerates under the new president. Voice is proving to be the UI of choice for interacting with AI and virtual assistants.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Although new connected devices continue to flood into the market and it is estimated that IoT devices will outnumber humans by 7:1 by 2020, the topic of IoT is actually declining in terms of popularity among influencers online. IoT is flat in France and declining in the USA. Europe expresses security concerns.

Netvibes IoT insights

  1. Transportation

With the 2024 Summer Olympics heading to Paris, Transportation is a hot topic in France, while it’s flat in America. Tesla’s Elon Musk is far and away the #1 most mentioned person in relation to the topic, in both countries.

  1. Drones

There is growing interest in France for drones, but overall both Americans and the French have reservations about the technology and worry about safety risks.

  1. SmartCity

Of the six topics, SmartCity generated the most excitement. Cities such as Atlanta, Paris and Toronto are already beginning to experiment with technological innovations.

  1. Security

Tech security is a bigger topic in America, but France is catching up. Identity theft and hacking are chief concerns.


Discover more insights by reading the full presentation here:

You can also read our Business Case to learn more about how Bpifrance works with Netvibes to analyze topics and predict technology trends.

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