[Transportation & Mobility] Improving Singapore SmartCity

At the 2016 World Cities Summit in Singapore, government leaders and industry experts gathered together to address challenges and share integrated urban solutions. Netvibes provided a Smart City Dashboard for the event, focused on addressing Singapore’s transportation and mobility issues. We provide Insights via Outcomes 

  • How to improve Transportation and Mobility in Singapore?

  • Infrastructure Planning: As-is sentiments around location/size of stations. Real time incident notifications. Train vs. bus timeliness perception.
  • The data analysis indicated higher satisfaction with bus vs. train transportation
  • Real time tracking of citizen sentiments showed changes as infrastructure improvements were planned and implemented.

  • Notifications and increased communication around plans were introduced.
  • Improvements incorporated direct feedback from users.
  • Automated responses around real-time incidents were leveraged.
  • Smart City Dashboard has been programmed to act automatically in response to data triggers.

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