Drive product innovation based on real-time market insights: The BEAMY 2 demo

With Netvibes insights-driven decision making, product managers can easily understand sentiment around competing products, identify popular features driving growth and stay ahead of industry trends.

This week at SOLIDWORKS WORLD, stop by the Dassault Systemes booth to see a demonstration showcasing the full product lifecycle of the BEAMY 2 (an imaginary smart speaker-projector device)—from conception, to design, to manufacturing, to market.

Watch the video below to see how Netvibes helps to identify a critically needed feature for the product.

For this demo, we imagine a company is designing a new product model to follow the BEAMY 1, its smart speaker-projector. The company wants to know how it can improve on its first version with the BEAMY 2.

Question: What are the most important specifications we need to include for the BEAMY 2?

Let’s jump into the data to see what’s happening in the projector industry that we need to be aware of. [Note: we are using mock data for this demo].

First, we analyze internal sales data from the BEAMY 1 by connecting our data to the Netvibes dashboard. Two key insights we discover are:

  • The most-popular projectors in terms of sales were high-lumen models (7200 lumens).
  • The projectors with the most returns were lower-lumen models (3600 lumens).

BEAMY 1 returns and sales data

Now by monitoring conversations online, we want to understand what’s happening in the projector industry overall. We notice a big peak in positive mentions on January 7.

Projector industry mentions chart


When we drill down to see “What is said” on this topic, we find that Samsung is the most-mentioned vendor.

Projector brand mentions chart

When we drill down on Samsung to examine the actual articles, we learn that the buzz is being driven by Samsung’s new super-bright 18,000-lumen projector. Overall, we are seeing a clear industry trend that customers prefer brighter projectors with higher lumens. 

Projector articles

Going forward, we want to be notified automatically whenever there are major announcements like this in the projector industry of which we should be aware. To automate this alert, we create a Netvibes Potion: whenever there is a 50% increase hour-over-hour of positive industry mentions, we will receive an email alert.

Potion alert industry mentions

Netvibes Potions can also connect to other Dassault Systemes brands to help enterprises act more quickly on their real-time dashboard intelligence. For example, when a competitor launches a new projector, we can automatically create a post on 3DSwYm to share the information and foster collaboration across our product design team.

Netvibes Potion 3DSwyM collaboration

Question → Insight → Outcome

Q: What are the most important specifications we need to include for the BEAMY 2 smart speaker?

I: We need to increase the number of lumens in the BEAMY 2.

O: Receive an email alert every time there are drastic increases in positive industry mentions.


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