Track the success of your campaigns with Twitter Reach Metrics

In How to measure the success of your Twitter outreach campaigns, we introduced Twitter analytic functions, enabling you to better understand what is being said and shared, by whom, about any topic on Twitter.

Everyone knows a tweet needs to reach enough people in order to resonate effectively. This tutorial will teach you how to dig into Twitter reach metrics in order to discover how content is being spread and how it has changed over time within your Netvibes Premium Dashboard.

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Here are 4 Twitter reach metrics that are query-able from your Netvibes Premium dashboard:

  1. “Reach” – The reach metric (used by many data scientists) computes the total number of people who may have seen a Tweet.
  2. “Followers Count” – The number of followers the author has on Twitter
  3. “Following Count” – The number of Twitter accounts the author is following
  4. “Follower to Following Ratio” – The Follower to Following Ratio (calculated by dividing the number of followers by the number of followings) provides clues about the author:

A ratio of less than 1 may indicate that the user is seeking knowledge rather than sharing (can be a fake profile too).

A ratio around 1 means the user is listening and being listened to

A ratio of 2 or higher indicates that the account is popular (can also have a lot of fake followers)

Tracking these new metrics will help you find potential users to target or exclude from your analysis. Of course, reach metrics should not be your only indicators (for example, most Twitter users have a negative ratio, Wired also estimates 71 percent of tweets get absolutely no response from the world) but on a large scale, they provide valuable insights into your Twitter audience.

Twitter reach insights

Here are some sample questions you can easily answer with your Netvibes Premium dashboard in a few clicks:

  • I want to do a query based on a Tweet reach or on an Author’s followers level in order to find “engaging” tweets

twitter.reach_count>10000 OR twitter.followers_count>5000

  • I want to create a Potion that notifies me each time there is a Tweet mentioning me with a reach > to X

@netvibes AND twitter.reach_count>5000

  • I want a chart of top Twitter authors who have a reach >= to X

A who chart with the following query: AND twitter.reach_count>25000

  • I want a chart of top Twitter authors who have a follower count >= to X

A who chart with the following query: twitter.followers_count>5000

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