How to Use Netvibes for Press Clipping Reports?

Netvibes is a great tool to automate the process of building press clipping reports. Once configured, articles can be hand-selected or automatically sent to stakeholders or team members.

To configure the press clipping report follow the steps below:

1)  Select the sources (Personal Corpus) you want to monitor (if you already have your sources defined, any tracked topics will pull from all sources on the dashboard by default). For example, if you are looking at Apple news, perhaps you already added a lot of high tech news like The Verge, Techcrunch or Venturebeat and  generalist news media websites like New York Times or CNN.

2) Create a tracked topic by going to the Universal Search bar at the top of the page and performing a search for the topic, brand or event you want to track. Select “Save Tracked Topic”, once you’ve defined your search. This tracked topic app will be created on your dashboard and will continuously update with new articles you defined.


If you want to automatically add all the articles from the tracked topic into the press clipping report and don’t want to individually select which articles are included, you can skip to step 3 below.

3) Decide how you want to categorize the information and create tags for each category. For example, If you are tracking brand and competitor mentions, you may want to create a separate tag/category for each brand/competitor. From the tracked topic you created in step two, click the articles you want to tag, click the tag icon in the top right hand corner and tag them according to the categories you defined.

4) Create a separate tracked topic app for each tag/category by going to the Universal Search bar at the top of the page and searching for your tag and creating a tracked topic

5) Create a Potion with a Date & Time ingredient, properly set using  a specific day and time of the week, and a PushMail action, properly set with a subject, a sender name, a recipients list and plus a selection of the tracked topics that matches your articles’ categories (Step 4). If you like to send a PushMail test first, use the dedicated option.


6) Give a name to your Potion and it’s done. Your dashboard will send automatically a press clipping PushMail to your team according your schedule

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