New PushWebs with Restricted Access: Get leads and share insights with your target audiences

Netvibes makes it simple to discover key insights into your brand, products or industry and then use those insights to drive better, faster decision making. In January we launched PushWeb for all Netvibes Premium dashboards, enabling you to automatically publish charts, data and content online as a custom report on your own webpage.

With new Restricted Access for PushWeb, you can now control who sees your online reports. Publish PushWebs with a password or behind a gated registration page in order to track leads or share information with select, target audiences.

When creating a new PushWeb report with Restricted Access, you can choose to restrict some or all of the data behind a password or registration wall. Follow the prompts on the Netvibes wizard. To get started, click “Add” on your dashboard, then “Potion app.” Create a Potion to automate your PushWeb: select the “Trigger”(s) that you want to activate your PushWeb, and select PushWeb as the Potion “Action”. For example: Every Friday at 10am, publish a PushWeb report. PushWebs are fully customizable: you choose the charts and data you want to include, as well as the design and branding.

With Restricted Access, you can choose to hide all or part of the PushWeb report behind either:

  • Password restriction: Set your own password using the Netvibes Potion. Your PushWeb will be accessible only to people with the correct password. The password can be changed at any time by editing your Potion.
  • Gated registration page: Use your PushWeb reports to acquire client leads, sell information, or track who is visiting your site.

Information that is hidden by Restricted Access will be blurred out, prompting visitors to enter the password or complete the registration form in order to read the report.

To learn more about PushWeb and discover how Netvibes can deliver real-time insights to drive your business forward, please contact us for a free demo.



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