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Using Netvibes Insights to drive better investment decisions

Bpifrance, the world’s most active sovereign wealth fund, is working with Netvibes to analyze top tech themes, across France and America’s Silicon Valley, in order to track trends and inform better investment decisions.

On Thursday, March 15 in Paris, Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini presented the latest insights from the research project. The presentation took a look at six hot topics—Agritech, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Transportation, Security, and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency—and analyzed the sentiment and overall outlook, comparing France with the US. Which technologies are growing fastest, or declining in popularity? Continue Reading


Drive product innovation based on real-time market insights: The BEAMY 2 demo

With Netvibes insights-driven decision making, product managers can easily understand sentiment around competing products, identify popular features driving growth and stay ahead of industry trends.

This week at SOLIDWORKS WORLD, stop by the Dassault Systemes booth to see a demonstration showcasing the full product lifecycle of the BEAMY 2 (an imaginary smart speaker-projector device)—from conception, to design, to manufacturing, to market.

Watch the video below to see how Netvibes helps to identify a critically needed feature for the product.

For this demo, we imagine a company is designing a new product model to follow the BEAMY 1, its smart speaker-projector. The company wants to know how it can improve on its first version with the BEAMY 2. Continue Reading


What are the top trends of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018?

The 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, just ended. Let’s take a look at what happened during this new edition.


  • What are the top trends of World Economic Forum?


On Press, medias & blogs, “President of the United States” is the largest theme, which could be associated with the 2 other main themes: “United States dollar” & “Protectionism”. “Trump’s appearance in Davos had raised eyebrows among the political establishment. Trump campaigned on, and in office has often tried to implement, protectionist and isolationist economic policies”.


Continue Reading


What’s Hot in Tech: Insights from CES 2018

Earlier this month, the world’s largest annual tech conference, CES 2018 was held in Las Vegas. To track the event, we set up a custom Netvibes dashboard to aggregate and analyze the larger conversation happening online around CES. Keep reading this blog to discover the insights we found, or read the full PushMail report to see all the charts and findings.


  • What are the current hottest topics in tech?
  • In the battle of the virtual assistants, which player is dominating the competition?
  • What are the most popular themes mentioned around Internet of Things?


  • Top Themes at CES: Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the most-mentioned topic at CES, followed by Internet of Things (IoT). Using sentiment analysis, we found that people seem to be more excited about AI, as positive mentions were higher for AI than IoT. Although slightly less popular, virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant were also hot topics at CES, with exceptionally high positive ratings.

CES Top Themes


  • Virtual Assistants: For the third year in a row, Amazon’s Alexa is the most popular virtual assistant at CES, while Google Assistant is gaining steam in second place. Cortana and Siri are falling further behind.

CES Virtual Assistants analysis


  • IoT Themes: With Netvibes Theme Recognition, the dashboard automatically identifies top themes mentioned at CES. When we drill down on the Internet of Things to understand what people are talking about in the context of IoT, several top themes emerge. “Home Automation” is the topic most-mentioned around IoT, with “Smart City” close behind in second place. Overall, we can see that people are most interested in the implications of IoT and how it will change their lives, rather than the nuts-and-bolts of the technology itself.

IoT Themes at CES analysis


To help businesses leverage their insights and act immediately using real-time intelligence, the Netvibes dashboard can automatically share insights as a PushMail email report or PushWeb webpage.

To learn more insights from CES, please see our CES 2018 PushMail report.

Are you ready to answer your own business questions, using Netvibes insights and automated outcomes? Contact us for a free demo.