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[Transportation & Mobility] Improving Singapore SmartCity

At the 2016 World Cities Summit in Singapore, government leaders and industry experts gathered together to address challenges and share integrated urban solutions. Netvibes provided a Smart City Dashboard for the event, focused on addressing Singapore’s transportation and mobility issues. We provide Insights via Outcomes 

  • How to improve Transportation and Mobility in Singapore?

  • Infrastructure Planning
    As-is sentiments around location/size of stations. Real time incident notifications. Train vs. Bus timeliness perception
  • Analysis of data
    indicated higher satisfaction with bus vs. train transportation
  • Real time tracking
    of citizen sentiments showed changes as infrastructure improvements were planned and implemented

  • Notifications and increased communication around plans were introduced
  • Improvements incorporated direct feedback from users
  • Automated responses around real-time incidents were leveraged
  • Smart City Dashboard has been programmed to act automatically in response to data triggers

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[Transportation & Mobility] top motivators for Electric Vehicle purchasers?

A well-known automotive company wanted to increase sales of its Electric Vehicle (EV) car models, the company needed to understand the different factors impacting customers’ buying decisions. We provided Insights via Outcomes 


  • What are the top motivators for Electric Vehicle (EV) purchasers by OEM?


  • Chevrolet Bolt
    is popular with customers for meeting its range estimation and described as competitor to hot hatch market
  • BMW i3
    is described as a sporty drive when in electric mode, drivers still enjoy driving even an EV
  • Nissan Leaf
    is seen as the best value entry to an EV, second hand market is strongly encouraging first time EV buyers
  • Tesla 
    software upgrades at purchase remain hugely popular with customers.


  • Powerpoint
    to convey insights to product planning group to integrate into next generation model requirements.

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[Transportation & Mobility] Top customer perceptions?

A well-known automotive company uses Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence to analyze car models and features, understand customer habits and preferences and research new automotive technologies. We provided Insights via Outcomes 

  • What are the top customer perceptions related to quality of my products?

  • [Product#1] & [Product#2] bikes
    have negative feedback on mileage from customers giving lower fuel efficiency than expected.
  • [Product#3] bike
    has customers sharing concerns related to the engine and sound levels.
  • [Product#4] and [Product#5] bikes
    The recent discontinuation of 6 bike products including [Product#4] and [Product#5] is generating concerns from existing users about the lack of service centers for the discontinued bikes.

  • Daily and Weekly PushMail Reporting
    Insights shared with different departments internally to help in product development & innovation strategies.

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[Transportation & Mobility] new practices in urban delivery?

A well-known automotive company uses Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence with a lot of inputs from various department and teams (sales, design, engineering) to analyze car models and consumer trends. We provided Insights via Outcomes

  • What are the impacts of the new practices in urban delivery on car manufacturer strategic positioning, and on T&M traditional players?

  • Innovation in urban delivery is led by the logisticians
    not by the traditional T&M players
  • Amazon is killing competition
    DHL comes next … but no car manufacturer.
  • Associated topics
    are IoT, Smartcity and AI

  • Infographics
    make complex information eye catching to tell the story of the data in your dashboard

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