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[Transportation & Mobility] top motivators for Electric Vehicle purchasers?

  • What are the top motivators for Electric Vehicle (EV) purchasers by OEM?

  • Chevrolet Bolt
    is popular with customers for meeting its range estimation and described as competitor to hot hatch market
  • BMW i3
    is described as a sporty drive when in electric mode, drivers still enjoy driving even an EV
  • Nissan Leaf
    is seen as the best value entry to an EV, second hand market is strongly encouraging first time EV buyers
  • Tesla 
    software upgrades at purchase remain hugely popular with customers.

  • Powerpoint
    to convey insights to product planning group to integrate into next generation model requirements.

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[Transportation & Mobility] Top customer perceptions?

  • What are the top customer perceptions related to quality of my products?

  • [Product#1] & [Product#2] bikes
    have negative feedback on mileage from customers giving lower fuel efficiency than expected.
  • [Product#3] bike
    has customers sharing concerns related to the engine and sound levels.
  • [Product#4] and [Product#5] bikes
    The recent discontinuation of 6 bike products including [Product#4] and [Product#5] is generating concerns from existing users about the lack of service centers for the discontinued bikes.

  • Daily and Weekly PushMail Reporting
    Insights shared with different departments internally to help in product development & innovation strategies.

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[Transportation & Mobility] new practices in urban delivery?

  • What are the impacts of the new practices in urban delivery on car manufacturer strategic positioning, and on T&M traditional players?

  • Innovation in urban delivery is led by the logisticians
    not by the traditional T&M players
  • Amazon is killing competition
    DHL comes next … but no car manufacturer.
  • Associated topics
    are IoT, Smartcity and AI

  • Infographics
    make complex information eye catching to tell the story of the data in your dashboard

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