[Transportation & Mobility] top motivators for Electric Vehicle purchasers?

A well-known automotive company wanted to increase sales of its Electric Vehicle (EV) car models, the company needed to understand the different factors impacting customers’ buying decisions. We provided Insights via Outcomes 

  • What are the top motivators for Electric Vehicle (EV) purchasers by OEM?

  • Chevrolet Bolt
    is popular with customers for meeting its range estimation and described as competitor to hot hatch market
  • BMW i3
    is described as a sporty drive when in electric mode, drivers still enjoy driving even an EV
  • Nissan Leaf
    is seen as the best value entry to an EV, second hand market is strongly encouraging first time EV buyers
  • Tesla 
    software upgrades at purchase remain hugely popular with customers.

  • Powerpoint
    to convey insights to product planning group to integrate into next generation model requirements.

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