Sneak preview of the new MisoData with Data Staging

In order to provide you with a streamlined way to compare and analyze both your own data and the data aggregated by your Dashboard, we are about to launch a completely revamped version of MisoData, Netvibes’ powerful data analytics app. Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming changes:

The new MisoData enables you to connect your own data to your Premium dashboard in order to compare and analyze all the metrics that matter to your business in one app. Explore how social trends impact your internal company goals. Drag-and-drop charts together to instantly compare and identify correlations.

Harmonized user experience

A new wizard that delivers a unified experience to make it easier to add all types of content, analytics and automation to your dashboard. Whatever the data source, the wizard will provide same experience for creation and configuration

Data Staging

Construct a complete story around your data to better understand the underlying trends. With the new MisoData, you can now create complex graphs displaying all the analytics around a particular query–in one chart. We call it “Data Staging.” For example, rather than having one chart analyzing “What is being said about Wearables?”, a separate chart showing “Who is talking about Wearables?”, and a third chart for “My Company’s revenues from Wearables”, you can now combine those analytics into one complete chart about Wearables, delivering an all-in-one view into everything that’s happening—in this case, how social influencers online are impacting company revenues.

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Theme Recognition for smarter analytics

Netvibes dashboards automatically categorize your data so that you can drill down using a variety of facets, including: names, events, sentiment, geolocation and more. Today we are taking automatic categorization even further with the launch of our new Theme Recognition for Premium dashboards. With Theme Recognition, your dashboard can now identify a wide variety of topics and themes to help you better pinpoint data trends and understand what’s happening in your industry or business.

Netvibes Theme Recognition is powered by DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight, a crowdsourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia. This means that anything that has a Wikipedia entry–topics, brands, product names, theories, concepts, etc.–are now automatically recognized as a “Theme” and can be analyzed on the Netvibes dashboard.

Benefits of Netvibes Theme Recognition:

  • Smarter insights help you get more actionable intelligence out of your data.
  • Always up to date and encyclopedic: Theme Recognition is powered by Wikipedia, the world’s largest and continually updated encyclopedia.
  • More accurate with disambiguation: Using rich profiling from Wikipedia means a higher degree of accuracy for identifying themes–for example, detecting the difference between Apple (the brand) and apple (the fruit).
  • Crowdsourced ontology: Benefit from the continued efforts of the open-source community to better categorize themes and concepts online through DBpedia. Using this crowdsourced ontology will open doors to even more filtering and improved Theme Recognition as the technology evolves.
  • International-ready: All languages supported by Wikipedia are also supported by Netvibes Theme Recognition.
  • Independence: Wikipedia, DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight are all open source.

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Insights from the Elon Musk Master Plan Webinar

In 2006 Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his first “Master Plan” for the company. 

The plan included 4 steps to take Tesla from an early concept to mature automotive manufacturer:

  1. Create a low volume car, which would necessarily be expensive
  2. Use that money to develop a medium-volume car at a lower price
  3. Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car
  4. Provide solar power

Did Musk succeed in his objectives? To analyze, we gathered all the available data into a Netvibes dashboard. Continue Reading


Insights from the Fashion Retail Webinar

How can retailers leverage the proliferation of online fashion sales?

The way people shop for clothes has changed drastically with the rise of online sales. Choice has increased, while the effort required to make a purchase has become far easier. The factors influencing consumers’ purchase decisions have changed greatly, as well. Are traditional retailers being left behind?

In today’s changing landscape, how can traditional brick-and-mortar retailers leverage online sales to grow their business?

Netvibes recently analyzed this question using Dashboard Intelligence. Watch the webinar video below and keep reading to discover some of the insights we found. Continue Reading